Our Team

Our ambassadors and volunteers internationally make our communities safer. We engage youths in a wide range of activities such as volunteerism, sports, advocacy, empowerment, human rights & public speaking. Our executive ensure our goals and objectives are met. They stand up for human rights and lobby for positive change at the local, national and international levels. Their collective efforts can make Jamaica a more vibrant, healthy country.



Communication & Technology Specialist, Neville Charlton is currently the youth director at the Silverstone Citizens’ Association, a community-based organization in Portmore, which is a dormitory community. In 2012 he founded his own non-profit organisation — Youths Inspiring Positive Change Ja | Positive Organization

In 2014 he won Scotiabank's Community Program Award for his amazing work in this area, where he lives. He is an Respect Jamaica youth ambassador, and in 2015 was awarded ambassador of the year for his role in youth development. He is an ambassador for I Believe — a youth empowerment initiative of the Governor General of Jamaica. In 2016 The Council of Voluntary Social Services Young Leader Award was presented to the 25-year-old Portmore youth leader.

"Growing up, I never really saw volunteerism happening around me. Then at church, as a member of the Pathfinder Club, I recognized the need to give back. I am motivated just by seeing the smiles on people's faces. When I volunteer, it's just knowing I am able to help someone in need. Our organization is focused on youth advocacy, empowerment and helping young people to find themselves and their purpose in life. Many young people are losing direction and don't know which way to turn, we provide them with the opportunity to belong. A lot of great leaders weren’t paid for the impact they made, just know that when you volunteer and advocate you are doing it for the betterment of this country."

                        Samantha Miller | President

Samantha Miller is an aspiring Teacher. Currently the President of Youths Inspiring Positive Change | Positive Org. She started volunteering as your average person, little did she know she would have impacted so many and be impacted by many as well. Volunteering has brought immense joy to her, which she describes the experience as indescribable. Teaching to her is just more than bringing across educating information to pupils, but rather building important rapport with each and everyone she comes across in the profession. She considers herself just not a Teacher but a Facilitator. 

Samantha's volunteer life and professional life are intertwined, each experience learnt separately. She is currently preparing to put an end to her Bachelor's Degree in Science and Education, Joint Majors in Biology and Mathematics at the University of Technology Jamaica. 

"My mom always told me I was a challenger of norms and societal norms, so she knew I would be involved in making change. But I was told [by others], ‘You'll always be that girl from Waltham Park Road [an inner city community] and never amount to anything.’ I use all those negative comments to motivate me to be better than my situation and circumstances. I always thought my voice would not count. But I have found my voice now and I’m putting it to use."

Mikhail holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology from The University of the West Indies. 

Martinez is a down to earth person who loves the ocean. "Being the Events & Project Planning Lead for The Positive Organization along with my Mentor, Samantha Miller, we have made tremendous sacrifices to the Organization to give our all to any project and often called “The Positive Couple”. Interested in youth advocacy and the environment each aspect can bring pleasant experiences. Volunteering brings great joy which is often unexplainable and brings fun memories ranging from youth advocacy, scuba diving and environmental projects."

Tianna Thompson is a young woman driven by excellence and the need for change and upliftment of youths.

The youngest "positive ambassador" and is a true giver by heart. She is a former student of the St. Hugh's High School were she was a active member of her school's interact club. She is also a member of the hurdles crew of Jamaica , and was the recipient of the Hurdles Crew 2017 Member of the Year Award. During her spare time she enjoys meeting and interacting with people, reading, listening to music and surfing the net. She believes that "Each one, reach one, teach one"