Tasia Walters | Youth Inspiring Positive Change

Over the years we have impacted thousands of lives, with all our ambassadors present and past going above and beyond in their various fields and endeavours. So you might be asking, where are they now?

As we celebrate six (6) years of service, we feature our champions, our volunteers, our advocates, our leaders, our change makers, our Youth Inspiring Positive Change.

Our spot light kicks off with our longest serving ambassador, but not the oldest, Tasia Walters.

When asked, “when did you start volunteering,?” she stated, “I started volunteering from the very beginning, it’s been so long, when my friend Neville invited me and I've been stuck ever since.”

While volunteering with us, Tasia was in her first year pursuing her BSc. in Nursing at Excelsior Community College. She expressed that while volunteering she has benefited by gaining new friends, and an avenue to help others while exploring Jamaica’s Urban and Rural landscape while building her confidence as she interacted with others.

Tasia completed her studies and is currently a registered Nurse at the National Chest Hospital. She was the recipient of our longest serving ambassador award for outstanding volunteerism in various sectors, such as education, community development, sports, environment at our first Positive Awards.

You can make a difference! Take up the mantle like Tasia, be the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently, let’s push the human race forward together, because while we know you do not necessary have the time, we know, yes we know, we do know, you have the HEART! Volunteer Today

Tasia Walters | Volunteer Extraordinaire | Positive Org Sixth Anniversary