Our Team

Our team consists of intelligent and selfless student leaders who are of the firm belief that we must be the change we wish to see.  The executive committee of the St. Hugh's Positive Society comprises of volunteers and young advocates for various issues in our country and the world.  All members of the executive are charged with the task of spreading this selfless service to the other members of the club so they too, may Volunteer Today, Change Tomorrow.  Our members therefore vow to Live, Think and Act Positive.

Meet Our President - Tianna Thompson...

 A hard working young woman who has made it her life's mission to help the voiceless by using her voice, Tianna Thompson is 17 years old and currently attends St. Hugh's High School for Girls. She has always considered herself a leader and as  such has always worked above  the average and beyond the call of duty. Tianna also currently serves as the Vice-President of Youths Inspiring Positive Change Ja., Chairman of the Positive Society at St. Hugh's High, Coordinator for the Sixth Form Association, Director for the Interact club and a member of the Teens for Technology at St. Hugh's.

She is also a member of The Hurdles Crew  Jamaica and was given the award for Volunteer of the Year  in 2017. She is also supported by over 5000 hours of community service. In her spare time she enjoys meeting new people, reading, surfing the net and listening to music. She believes that our youths are our future and we should build, motivate, encourage and protect them as Each One, Reach one, Teach one..


Meet Our Vice President - Shannelle Nelson...

A multi-talented and highly-opinionated young lady on the road to Excellence who believes that everyone has a part to play in the development of our nation and subsequently. She believes her own such part is in the Development of Youths and Women. She boasts 11 CXC subjects and has a passion for Civil and Gender Rights which is reflected in her desire to become an Attorney with specific focus on Civil and International Law as well as a Political Advisor. Her interests lie in the Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Swimming, Reading and Creative Writing.  

Shannelle currently seves as the president for St. Hugh's Peace for Champs 2018. The 'Peace for Champs' initiative, which is being spearheaded by the St Andrew Central Police Division, has taken up the mantle of fostering harmony among schools and, in particular, traditional rivals prior to, during and immediately following the championships.

She believes in the words of Nelson Mandela, who said “A Bright Future beckons but the onus is on us, through hard work and dedication to reach for the stars.”


Meet Our Secretary- Crystal Allen

At 18 years of age Crystal is currently apart of the St.Hugh's High School upper 6th form student body. Her hobbies include reading and watching television. She is described as a  determined , hardworking and enthusiastic individual who loves to help people and inspire them to believe in themselves. She believes that her involvement in the Positive Society will be a good platform to help her become more positive where she can also inspire people. She aspires to become a journalist/broadcaster as she has a passion for reading & writing real life stories. Her favorite subject is English Literature. Crystal is guided by the quote "Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations" because she believes that there is a rainbow after every storm. She hopes to have a positive impact and inspire people who feel less of themselves one day, while also uplifting herself in the process.

          Meet Our Public Relations Officer- Ajoni Campbell      


Meet Our Public Relations Officer- Ajoni Campbell


Ajoni is a hardworking, team player that is well rounded and enjoys learning new things. She is actively involved in several clubs and societies. Currently. the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the St. Hugh's High School Positive Society ,P.R.O of the Peer Counseling Society, P.R.O of the Sixth Form Association, Sargent of Arms of the Interact Club and an active member of the Interact Club.  In her spare time Ajoni enjoys assisting her math teacher with teaching G.S.A.T Math, learning and trying new things, reading and listening to music. She strongly believes that youths are the ones that holds the power for a better future and with such power they can positively achieve anything they want to achieve if they voice their opinions.