Krystal Tomlinson | The PowHERhouse

Your voice matters, use it! Stare at the status quo, find the pieces that do not work and be bold enough to challenge them. Do not expect anyone to change the world for you.
— Krystal Tomlinson

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"When you think of a strong woman, who do you think of? For us, the first person who comes to mind is probably Shelly- Ann Fraser Pryce. Affectionately known as the ‘Pocket Rocket’, she is the sprint queen of Jamaica and a fantastic ambassador for the country. But just because Shelly is one of the most prominent example doesn’t mean there aren’t countless other women who inspire us, and they’ve all got something to say.”

Youths Inspiring Positive Change caught up and had a discussion with Krystal Tomlinson, a woman on a mission, who enjoys being defined as a 3D PowHERhouse – dynamic, daring and deliberate.

Positive Org: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Krystal: - Krystal Tomlinson is a Communications Consultant, Internationally Ranked Speaker, Digital Brand Management Coach and Social Researcher. I am a firm believer in goal-setting and self-management, and 2018 has been a year of discipline for my personal growth.

I currently hold a certification from Australia’s Curtin University in Reputation Management in a Digital World and a Bachelor of Science in International Relation, Political Science and African Diaspora Studies.

I am the recipient of the Premier Awards for Leadership (2012) and Culture (2011) from my alma mater, The University of the West Indies. I am also a former Ms. Jamaica Festival Queen and National Youth Ambassador for Vision 2030 Jamaica, I founded The Centre for Self-Management to train individuals and groups in the art of emotional wellness and productivity. Oh and let’s not forget, I am the host of an internationally syndicated television show – Nyammings.

Positive Org: - Wow, so tell us, why did you get into politics?

Krystal: - I wake up every day with a desire to change the world and a residual frustration that so many Jamaicans live in conditions that belie the opportunities of the 21st Century. Those two powerful emotions have seen me deliberately choosing work that helps me to be part of the solution in a tangible way. So from work in the volunteer space, to mentorship, advocacy, I have always been inclined to commit my best effort to improving the lives of those around me. Politics is one more pathway to achieve that with the added benefit that I can now lead youth to have direct impact on creating better policies that affect a greater number of people.

Positive Org: - Your recent announce that you will be a mother spurred national debate. What's your advice to young mothers?

Krystal Tomlinson special guest speaker at Black River High School

Krystal: - Remember who needs you. Motherhood is a sacred and life-altering journey that requires full commitment to creating, protecting and enhancing the life of another human being. Do not take that for granted. As challenging as the journey has been or will be, never forget who needs you. Never forget the little human whose life depends on your wisdom, love and sacrifice. And finally, do not become obsessed with being a perfect parent; this journey is about your child and their needs, not feeding your ego or measuring up to what others expect. Remember who needs you.

Positive Org: - Now, what’s your advice to young Jamaican advocates?

Krystal: - Your voice matters, use it! Stare at the status quo, find the pieces that do not work and be bold enough to challenge them. Do not expect anyone to change the world for you. We must be our own heroes and that means showing courage, defiance and passion. Be fueled by a sense of duty to do more for this world than it can do for you.

Positive Org: - What’s your hope for Jamaica, what would you like to see?

Krystal empowers a young student!

Krystal: - That we begin to prioritise the good of all over the good of the few. Over 50 years ago we entered the world as an independent state, determined to chart our own course and carve a unique space for ourselves. We have started a journey that must now be accelerated so that the growth and potential for growth is enjoyed by every Jamaican regardless of their station and status. I also want to see a Jamaica that sees our children as sacred and in need of the highest standard of education, care and protection. How we treat our children tells the world more about who we are than any measure of economic growth. In the same breath, we will never be better than the children we raise. Once we begin to take that seriously we secure the kind of developed, safe and productive society that we all dream of.

Positive Org: - Finally, Krystal. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Krystal:- The vision continues to change so I can’t project that far anymore! The furthest I see is 2022 where I am leading a multi-national company that provides mentorship, tools and training for people like me - people who insist on changing the world.