Testimonial: The Positive Organization | Emma Lewis

Neville Charlton is a quiet leader, with a vision. When he co-founded The Positive Organization five years ago with Moya Swearing, he started working in a focused way to build the volunteer group from humble beginnings to what it is today. To say that Neville is a very hard-working young man is an understatement. He has considerable drive and energy.

However, the Positive Organization is not one of those groups that is centered around one personality – and this is important. It is youth-led and youth-focused. While Neville steps in whenever needed, his aim is to support, encourage and empower. Therefore, he tends to stay in the background to a large extent, allowing his colleagues to speak for themselves and take action. Having said that, like every good leader he is always “out there” at public events, communicating; and he communicates well, with people of all ages. The organization’s public profile is steadily growing, as a result.

Leading by example is important, especially perhaps in this age group (18 – 25 years).

I believe that Neville’s model (if I can call it that) is one founded on a sincere belief in the goodness of others, and a desire to bring out the best in people. He has “soft skills” – those skills that are not necessarily taught in school – and he is especially strong on empathy. As the organization’s leader, he has been able to set this example for the younger people in the group, who are moved to emulate him.

The Positive Organization is a team. It is growing steadily. I hope that it will be able to channel some of its energies towards effective advocacy through action, and that it will continue to develop partnerships at all levels in society. If the organization stays focused, “positive” growth is more than possible.

Emma C. Lewis

Writer, Blogger, Environmental and Human Rights  | Kingston, Jamaica

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